Hiring and retaining top talent can be an art form and the key to your company’s success. Unfortunately, many companies do it haphazardly with untrained workers doing the hiring. This leads to misplaced hires, unhappy workers, and even early departures. But with thoughtful, deliberate planning and the right system in place, you can attract and recruit talented employees and support their skills as they support the growth of your company.

 Establish a fair and consistent hiring process.

Develop job descriptions that accurately detail roles and responsibilities of each position and the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to do so. Compose a “success profile.” In other words, what does that ideal candidate look like? Know the experience level and background this person would have.

Be sure to keep in mind what this candidate would need from you as an employer and make sure you provide that. In addition to salary and benefits, consider an orientation process or additional training, if needed.

Outline the rest of the hiring process. Know how you will weed out weaker resumes and identify the best candidates through social media research, reference checks, phone screenings and in-person interviews. Have a timeline in place and a list of strong questions to ask candidates. Remember to remain consistent and fair.

Sell your company and your vision.

Market your company to the prospective job market. Have a strong, authentic message that showcases your values, goals and objectives. Include this in your job postings and your social media presence. Much of recruiting is done virtually, and the best candidates are just as discerning as they choose a company as you are when you hire a new employee. Be active online and promote your company’s successes and individual employee’s accomplishments. The more truthful you are, the more aligned your employees will be with your company’s goals. Misrepresentation can lead to bad hires.

Post your job ads in mediums most likely to be seen by your ideal candidate. Are there niche job boards or industry newsletters you can target? This will attract the most qualified candidates and filter out weaker ones.

Manage your HR cycle.

 Once you’ve identified your ideal candidate, stay engaged with that hire. Provide a comprehensive orientation process in which you outline expectations and a support system to help them transition smoothly into the company. Encourage open communication to ensure that each person is on the path to success and a management system to monitor levels of performance. This will help to eliminate early departures. Sometimes a person is a good fit for the company but placed in an inappropriate position.

When an employee does leave, conduct honest exit interviews with a third party to gain insight. And be sure to include current employees in the hiring process. They are often best qualified to fill openings or they can help to market and recruit on behalf of the company.

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