Let’s face it, searching for a new job can be overwhelming and one of those tasks that you often procrastinate. You fear getting ignored, getting rejected, plus the colossal amount of time you have to commit to the process. But with these job-searching tips, you can stay motivated and ultimately land the job you want.

Know yourself.

 First, figure out what you’re looking for. What kinds of jobs match your skills, your personality, your interests and your experience? Next, what kind of company would be a good fit for you? Do you prefer a large firm or a smaller company? What kinds of people do you want to work with? What kind of environment? How strenuous a workload and for how large a salary?

This soul searching can be overwhelming, but it can also be inspiring. Focus on rewarding yourself with a job you’re passionate about and remind yourself of the misery of your current situation. When you have established answers to these questions, you’ll be more organized, more confident and more motivated.

Expand your network.

Make sure all your social media is up to date. Eliminate inappropriate pictures or posts. Show potential employers you’re serious about your industry and passionate about building relationships.

Next, actually meet people. Go to networking events and industry meetings. Then, think outside the box. Introduce yourself and express your professional goals to people you meet at kid’s soccer games, coffee shops, etc.

Build your resume.

Use action verbs and let your resume show you’re excited and enthusiastic about your profession. Don’t let it be a list of places you’ve worked, but a showcase for skills you gained and problems you solved. Be sure to include awards, recognitions and promotions.

And if you graduated from college or graduate school more than three years ago, move Education to the bottom of the resume.

Research the company.

This seems obvious, but how much or how little you know will be revealed in your cover letter and in the interview. Aside from exploring the company’s website and learning the core mission, strengths and challenges, don’t forget to learn whether the company has been in the news recently and why.

Stay motivated!

This can sometimes be a long process and you’ll probably face rejection, boredom and frustration along the way. Consider these to be learning opportunities and be enthusiastic about them. Find unconventional ways to motivate yourself such as meditation or inspirational sports videos.

Find a friend also invested in a job search and hold each other accountable. Check in with each other regularly and encourage one another at every step.

Use your downtime wisely.

Don’t ignore your mental, physical and emotional health. Exercise, prepare healthy meals, be social, take a class or volunteer. See these as a chance to add something new to your resume or even a networking opportunity.

Are you looking for a career with a great company?

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