Authentic leadership is a trendy term at the moment—because it’s effective. Unauthentic leaders hide behind masks and fancy titles, and their employees and team members often don’t fully trust them.

An authentic leader cares about his individual team members, is an effective motivator, and keeps them focused on the team’s objectives and goals. He has joined his head, heart, and hands in service to the greater whole. His core values are consistent with the behaviors he exhibits every day. If he values punctuality in his team, then he is on time himself. He should be ethical, practical, resilient, courageous and honest.

“Other” centeredness.

Let your team know you care about them as individuals and as fellow human beings. Listening is the most important skill. Stop and be present for your conversations and address their concerns. By forming enduring relationships with each one, they’ll be more likely to trust you, to buy into your vision, and to take risks for you. People need personal relationships in order to fully commit to a job.

Set the example.

Actions are always louder than words, so set the example of being confident and determined for success. Your behavior will mean more to your team than the title on your office door. Take responsibility

Unify your team.

Always acknowledge and appreciate the hard work. Stress perseverance, collaboration, humor, resilience, creativity, and assertiveness. Make sure each individual considers himself to be a valued member of the team. Maintain an open dialogue and be approachable. Show them you’re committed to helping resolve conflicts and helping them work through differences.

Admit mistakes.

Take responsibility for your blunders and show your team that you’re wise and mature enough to learn from them. By making yourself vulnerable, you deepen your connection to your team. They will see you as a human being and be willing to put themselves on the line for you.

To remain consistent, make sure you are holding others accountable, too. Be willing to compromise your plans, but never your values. Deliver constructive criticism in an appropriate way at an appropriate time. If you are respectful, you will earn the same respect.

When you are genuine, compassionate, and trusted, you will become more influential, inspiring those around you to take action and pursue your vision and purpose with a passion. Your team should feel they’re not simply chasing money, but a more significant longer-term goal.

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