Millennial employees are far different from their older employers and co-workers. They crave individuality and flexibility to establish a work-life balance. With social media, they’re used to expressing themselves and being heard, so they need an outlet for that at work as well. They also need to know they have a future at your company, you’re invested in them and they’re contributing towards something larger.

Benefits and perks.

Millennial employees want to feel empowered. Offer them the opportunity to work from home with the most modern technology. Or some might prefer to choose their own hours. They want greater peace of mind, and in addition to their general compensation, they want knowledge and information to help them learn about financial packages so they might gain increased autonomy.

They are driven by how well they work together, so create a tight-knit culture. Encourage camaraderie with additional perks such as a nap room, free lunches, gym spaces or collaborative work environments.

Training opportunities.

Develop a mentorship program to help new employees acclimate to an unfamiliar company culture and to be inspired by the company’s mission. Establish employee resource groups to ensure the exchange of information and expertise across generations.

Offer employees the opportunity to go to conferences, workshops and seminars. Employees want to feel trusted and believed in, so investing in their careers helps retain them longer. Hold frequent feedback meetings—more than just an annual review—so employees can react to suggestions and advice and increase their chances for success.

Give them a voice.

Give your employees a means to express themselves and offer feedback to management. This is most effective with frequent face-to-face meetings to really strengthen that connection. Let them know you value their opinions enough to act on them.

Give them purpose.

Millennials want to feel like they’re part of something bigger—to be a main character in your company’s narrative or a key player working for a cause aiding society at large. Communicate your company’s mission and core values so your employees are constantly working to better your reputation and power your business.

Instill hope, encourage them to work in community service and connect them to volunteer opportunities.

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