An apprenticeship is a paid period of training that allows you to learn a particular set of skills. If you’re sure of the industry you want to delve into, an apprenticeship might be a great way to explore it and familiarize yourself with the necessary skills.

Instead of seeking work in an uncertain job market or going to college and accruing massive student debt, an apprenticeship might be a better opportunity for you. Here are five reasons to consider it.

Jumpstart your career

You can get a head start in your career field with relevant training and experience while learning directly from someone more knowledgeable and accomplished than you. That guidance and support will help set you up for advancement or secure you permanent employment as you network with seasoned professionals in your field.

Earn while you learn

Most apprenticeships are only a year or two and are paid. So, instead of sitting stagnant in a doubtful job market, living off your savings, or going to irrelevant classes while you accumulate student loans, you can be paid to gain more relevant, practical skills and experience.

Skilled qualifications

Often the fields that offer apprenticeships are highly skilled positions in high demand because of the level of expertise they require. If you have those types of qualifications on your resume, you’ll be highly sought after.

A secure future

With the skills and know-how to be among the best in your field, you’re setting yourself up for increased job opportunities, perhaps even at a higher salary. If you choose to jumpstart your career with an apprenticeship and earn this proficiency at a younger age than your peers, you might even be more desirable to potential employers because you can offer them the possibility of a greater tenure and room for growth.

Open doors to greater opportunities

Many apprenticeships offer the prospect of a permanent position at the completion of your term. If not, it’s still a great chance to meet others in your field and network with experts and authority figures who might be able to offer you a permanent job or supply distinguished references to someone who can.

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