Micromanaging employees can be a very costly mistake for bosses. Whether the reason behind it is ego, inexperience or perfectionism, when a manager closely observes and controls the work of his new subordinates, the effects on those employees can be counterproductive.

While you want to support your new hires, you must give them enough freedom and autonomy to let them learn and grow. Here are six reasons why micromanaging new hires is a bad idea.

Stifles learning and innovation

When people feel like they’re being controlled, they feel untrusted and resentful. Confidence plummets and they are unable to make any kind of move, fearful of the constant scrutiny. They stop striving for their best, never master the skills they need to be successful and are, therefore, never able to be promoted.

Distinguish good employees from bad

When employees are given the chance to take risks to learn. This gives you the chance to determine which employees are innovative and persistent, contributing to your business. When you control every decision your employees make, it’s easy for the laziest, most incompetent workers to hide. They can shelter their bad, underqualified habits from you because they never have to operate autonomously.

You breed dependency

People want to act for a greater purpose, but when you peruse and dissect every decision they make, people are only acting to please you. They’re not making decisions for the good of the company—they’re only trying not to get hassled by you, and they no longer have the personal satisfaction they can get by conquering challenges and setting their own goals.

You double your work

When you micromanage your employees, you’re guaranteed to overwork yourself, setting yourself up to burn out. You’ll find yourself at the center of most team interactions whereas ideally, your team should operate independently of you. This can take a toll on both your physical and mental health.

High turnover

If your employees lack confidence and resent you, they’ll be unsatisfied and won’t want to work for you anymore. And hiring new employees is an expensive endeavor.

Kills creativity and productivity

When employees lack autonomy, they’ll wait for you before making any decision. Therefore, every decision will take much longer than necessary as your time is valuable. When employees are sitting around waiting for your instruction, it delays any progress forward and means the only ideas that are ever being enacted are yours.

Instead of micromanaging your new hires, give them the freedom to take risks, make mistakes and accomplish their own goals and projects. This is how they’ll learn and improve, and productivity will increase in the long run.

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