Introverted people are generally perceived as shy, quiet, aloof, withdrawn and timid. These are tough impressions to break when you’re trying to get noticed in a job, especially when you’re surrounded by louder, more extroverted colleagues. And if your boss is an extrovert, such a mismatch of energy might result in miscommunications that could make your work life miserable or even hurt your career.

Here are eight ways to minimize your anxiety and make sure you bring your A-game so you can impress your boss.

Recognize your strengths

Yes, you might be relatively quiet, but you’re more than that. Introverted people are usually more observant, more sensitive to body language and facial expressions, more innovative and creative, and good listeners. You might also be less impulsive as introverted people usually think through every step and outcome before they act.


There’s always time to prepare in advance for big meetings or networking events. Take time to minimize your anxiety. Think about what you’ll say and who you’ll see so you can go in more confident and more relaxed.

Communicate in the right medium

If large meetings are draining or stressful to you, try to communicate in one on one meetings or over email and social media.


Get to the office early so you can have some quiet time before the office gets crowded. Or take some time to grab coffee or lunch by yourself. Maybe your commute is your time to recharge your energy or an hour for yoga. Regardless of how you do it, make sure some alone time is a priority for you every day.

Volunteer for errands

Maybe you didn’t speak up in the big meeting or brag about your recent stellar performance numbers, but you can get noticed by offering to run errands for your boss. Even if it’s just to go grab coffee or lunch for people, it makes it seem like you’re making the extra effort and really taking the initiative to be helpful.

Stay hydrated and well-fed

This might seem random, but dehydration and low blood sugar can really affect your mood, making you more irritable. A bad attitude and testy frame of mind isn’t going to do you any favors when you’re trying to make a good impression.

Document your successes

Keep a portfolio of your work, achievements, new certifications and ideas for the future. This list also comes in handy when you’re applying for a new job or a promotion.

Check-in regularly

Make it a point to chat with your boss as part of your weekly or daily routine. Less frequent encounters might make you seem disengaged or even hostile. Express your needs and goals to your boss and find ways to express your enthusiasm so she knows you’re passionate and serious about your work.

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