Companies are often challenged to complete more projects without hiring additional workers or increasing their overhead. But sometimes, companies are already stretched too thin based on seasonal demands or a fluctuating workforce. Temporary employees can improve productivity, manage increases in workload, and cover for any sick or vacation time that your full-time workers might take without increasing expenses.

 Here are five ways you can make sure that your temporary staff members are engaged and productive as they transition in and out of your company.

 Determine what you need

 Use your managers and direct supervisors to figure out exactly what roles need to be filled and where in the company they will be working. Identify the skills required of those employees and the tasks they’ll be responsible for. The more straightforward and specific you are as you post job openings, the better employees you’ll be matched with.

 Work with an experienced staffing company

 Staffing companies that specialize in your industry already have access to a pool of talented candidates to meet your needs, so use them! They can help you structure things such as pay rates, schedules, and other contractual matters.

 Provide a comprehensive orientation program

 Assign a permanent employee to help orient the new hires. You should provide information such as schedules, lunch breaks, and any safety regulations or company rules. Give them contact information for direct supervisors and other go-to people in your company, such as IT help or human resources.

 Establish two-way communication

 Be open and upfront about expectations for your temporary employees. Encourage them to ask questions and assign someone to be a point person to answer all those queries. The temporary staffers shouldn’t have to waste time seeking out answers that could easily be provided to them.

 Check in-regularly

 Meet with your new temporary workers for a few moments on that first day to see how they’re adjusting and whether they have any questions. As time goes on, set aside specific, frequent times to check in and monitor their progress on their given assignment. Praise the employees for successes and hard work, just as you would your permanent employees.

 And don’t hesitate to correct them or provide constructive criticism if their performance isn’t adequate. These temporary employees could always be hired for a permanent role if they prove themselves and you groom them right. Remember that you can always ask your staffing company for a replacement employee if needed.


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