Your level of professionalism at work can help you earn the respect and admiration of your bosses and co-workers and determine whether or not you receive a raise or promotion. If you focus on the way you present yourself in the office, you’ll see the rewards of your professional demeanor and behavior.

 Tip#1: Respect

 Become familiar with your company’s policies and honor them. Treat company property with care and respect, as well as your co-workers, customers, and clients. Keep a lid on your electronics—don’t take personal phone calls, post on social media or text your friends while you’re at work.

 Tip #2: Be organized

 Use a smartphone, a planner, or pen and notebook to jot down important notes and keep track of tasks and dates. By having a calendar or detailed to-do list, you cut your chances of missing deadlines or forgetting about assignments. Keep a clean workspace to keep yourself focused and so you don’t misplace important files or company property.

 Tip #3: Be dependable and punctual

 Never be on time, always be early! Time is an important asset in any business, and many other pieces of the company puzzle rely on everyone to do what they’re expected to when they’re supposed to. Show that your bosses and co-workers can trust you to manage your time and handle your responsibilities.

Tip #4: Be an ace

 Excel at your job, so those around you can be confident that you get the job done. Go above and beyond and strive to get the best results you can. Be proactive and keep learning about advances in your profession. Stay up-to-date on the latest technology and take advantage of seminars, workshops, and other professional development opportunities.

 Tip #5: Communicate

 Prioritize face-to-face conversations. Speak calmly and politely, look people in the eye, smile, and use positive body language. Be able to bridge communication gaps between all types of people in all departments. When it comes to electronics, keep your emails professional. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes, and avoid slang and vernacular.

 Tip #6: Avoid politics and gossip

 Stay above the office dramas, so you don’t tarnish your own professional reputation. Just because other people are gossiping doesn’t mean you should be! You never know who might repeat what you’re saying to someone who shouldn’t hear it and get you in trouble!

 Tip #7: Dress for success

 Dress codes are more casual than ever, but proper attire should makes you feel good about yourself and shows others that you’re serious about your job

 Tip #8: Stay positive

 No one wants to be around a grouch, it only brings people down. Don’t complain, especially on social media where it can be seen forever! Instead of pointing out the mistakes of others, show them how to do it the right way and praise their improvements. 

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