The best candidates are busy people, likely with a full-time job and several companies vying for their attention. So it’s up to you to appeal to them and accommodate their needs. Make your interview process easy and make them feel welcome and wanted.

1) Build a rapport

 Establish an actual relationship with a candidate—stay professional and polite and remember that you’re evaluating whether this person is truly qualified for the job. Invest the time to start an open dialogue, earn trust, and learn about his career goals. Do those career goals align with this opportunity? Be able to show them what a typical career path is in your company.

2) Sell the opportunity

 Make sure your company attracts the best candidates. Boast about your finest perks and most tempting benefits and show off your company’s mission statement as though it’s the most engaging lifework anyone could possibly dream of.

3) Get a firm buy-in

 Use the pre-interview emails and phone calls to evaluate whether all your interview candidates really interested in working for your company. Don’t waste your precious time scheduling meetings with people who just seem to be casting a wide net, applying for anything and everything that loosely applies to them.

4) Keep communicating

 Maintain on-going conversation with candidates leading up to the interview. Provide answers to any questions they have and let them know what to expect throughout your hiring process. Continuously promote your company as a great place to work. And finally, confirm the logistics of upcoming interviews more than once—when and where—and use email and a phone call or text.

5) Be transparent

 Understand their salary requirements and expectations and clearly express what your company is willing to pay. If they’re expecting more, make sure they’re willing to interview for and maybe even accept a job that offers less. Find out about all their deal-breaking scenarios—relocation, must-have benefits, etc.—so you know what you need to offer if this becomes your top candidate.

6) Schedule with ease

 Schedule your interviews as fast as possible—within two weeks of your initial conversations. You don’t want a competing company to be faster than you and snatch up the best candidates. And don’t reschedule on the candidate once the appointment is made. On the other hand, if the applicant needs to reschedule, do everything within reason to make that happen. Schedule the interview in the format that’s easiest for them: Skype, phone, or a weekend meeting.

 Again, if you make your process simple and accessible, you’ll be able to draw in the candidates you want. If you complicate it and put up obstacles for jobseekers, you give them an easy excuse not to apply.

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