Management is about more than just maximizing the bottom line. There are lots of intangibles that an innovative manager must have to get good results. Mostly a good manager knows how to understand and communicate with his employees. With the right actions, you can grow great employees, retain them, keep them engaged, and be a great leader.

Plant the seeds, grow great employees

You want your employees to do a good job for you and you want them to stay with you for a long time, but you also need to develop them so that they can move onto bigger and better things. Without the possibility of bigger challenges and responsibilities, most employees will get bored and leave anyway. So, train them to do a good job while they’re working for you and prepare them to climb to the next rung on the ladder in your company.

If you can produce top talent for other departments in your company, you’ll be perceived as a great leader and someone who’s ripe for a promotion herself.

Keep them

Employee retention is getting trickier and trickier for a lot of companies. Competing companies offer hard-to-pass-up perks like onsite childcare, gym memberships, flexible work schedules that are tempting to even your happiest employees. Since turnover is costly in both time and money, you need to do everything in your power to keep employees satisfied. Incentivize them with realistic and achievable goals, and motivate them with the chance for professional growth and development.

Keep them interested

You want engaged employees who are passionate about what they do and focused on outcomes. Not only do they want to accomplish their goals but they want the company to be successful too. Engaged employees are high-achievers, willing to stay late and put in extra effort without being asked. Step back and let them take ownership of their work. If you hover and criticize, they’ll tune you out and withdraw into uncaring, unmotivated workers.

Don’t be good, be great

Take care of your employees and treat them with respect. Take responsibility for your mistakes and the actions of your team. Be willing to get down and dirty with your employees—don’t ask them to complete tasks you’d never do yourself. Know when you need to ask for help. Provide your employees with feedback—positive praise for the good stuff and constructive criticism when there’s room for improvement.

Are you looking for great employees?

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