When performance expectations aren’t clear to employees, those employees become unhappy at work—they feel disengaged, unmotivated, and sometimes even alienated from their co-workers and managers. By clearly expressing expectations, every employee will know what their job is and exactly what they need to do to be successful. They can set goals, be fairly evaluated, and receive feedback to let them know how they’re doing. To effectively communicate work expectations to your employees, you have to set strategic goals that support the mission, and reward your employees when expectations are met.

Plan strategically, but don’t micromanage

Company leadership needs to set goals that will power the company forward. It’s critical that they be able to express to their employees how all their efforts work together to pull in the same direction. Hold a company-wide meeting every quarter that’s designed to motivate employees and convey to them how they are expected to contribute. Managers should set six to eight goals for each employee, but each individual should be responsible for deciding how he achieves them.

With a little coaching from his manager he can design a self-evaluation that will break down his tasks and give him something to refer back to so he can assess his performance. When employees are put in charge of their own responsibilities, they feel empowered, engaged, and motivated.

Communicate overall mission and vision

Leaders need to be able to show their employees how their goals support the company’s mission and vision for the future. Pay attention to how you allocate resources—money, time, equipment—and make sure it aligns with the vision you’re preaching to employees. If you’re saying one thing, but doing another, employees will be confused about company priorities and question your true mission.

Reward and recognize accomplishments

When employees are fulfilling expectations and meeting the goals they set, you need to recognize their efforts and reward their achievements. If you ignore these successes, your team will start to doubt whether their efforts really matter and might start to disengage. Instead, affirm their hard work so they’re confident in what you expect them to do.

Find the employees you need

Clear expectations help employees develop meaningful goals that keep them productive in achieving your company’s mission. For more information on how to find and secure top talent to help jumpstart your business growth, contact us today and find the talent that you’re looking for.

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