Temporary workers are a growing part of American business. There are millions of people who work as temps, contract employees, consultants, freelancers, seasonal workers, and interns. Their flexibility and relatively low cost make them a desirable means of adding value to your company. Here are five ways temporary staffers can add value to your business strategy.

1) Remain flexible as your needs change

In any company, hiring needs are bound to change. Markets shift, demand waxes and wanes, and employees quit, retire, or are asked to leave. Temporary staffing solutions allow you the flexibility to quickly upsize or downsize as needed. You can hire immediately, and if needed, formally hire the temp as a full-time employee later without significantly disrupting the workflow. Or, do the opposite—hire a temporary employee for the upcoming months when you know your business will boom. When your sales drop again in a few months, a cycle you’ve planned for, that employee will be able to leave as he expected to. And full-time workers can remain productive, not distracted by varying responsibilities or shocked by mass layoffs.

2) Maintain productivity as employees leave

When you’re ready to make a hire, staffing agencies can do the hard part for you. They’ll supply you with well-trained, prescreened candidates and find the most qualified candidate to match your opening. It’s a cost-effective way to replace employees who go on maternity leave, family leave, sabbatical.

3) Save money on benefits

Depending on the type of job and how skilled it is, wages for a temporary employee might be higher or lower than what you might normally pay. However, healthcare benefits remain low because temp workers don’t usually get company-paid health insurance and other benefits that your full-time employees earn.

4) Audition new employees

You can hire people on a temporary basis while testing their efficacy. Do they have the skills and personality to accomplish all that you want them to? This way, you don’t blindly hire the wrong candidate only to have to let them go after the expense of training and orienting them—costly mistake! Or test out the role itself. Sometimes you think you need another accountant, but you might not know for sure until you try it.

5) Import innovation and creativity

Temporary employees bring a constant rotation of new ideas, experiences. You might just need help revamping your company’s website—this very specific expertise is only needed for a short amount of time. Or, you might hire a temp while your receptionist takes a leave of absence. The temp might bring in a surge of fresh energy or innovate a process that saves your company time and money.

Are you looking to expand your business strategy?

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