When employees feel like they have ownership of their company, they’ll make everyday decisions with more thought, responsibility, and care. Your team will be more driven, more motivated, and take more initiative in the aim of becoming more efficient, more productive, and cutting costs. They approach their work with innovation and creativity and are constantly seeking to improve instead of simply going through the motions. Here are three ways to make it easy for your employees to take ownership at work.

3 Ways To Encourage BuyIn:

1) Receive and act on employee input

Establish a democratic atmosphere to show your employees that their thoughts and viewpoints matter. Create methods for collecting employees’ opinions—either team or individual meetings or regular surveys. Then, to show them that you trust them and believe that they make valuable contributions toward the success of your company, you need to act on their input. Honor and respect all ideas, no matter how unconventional. You don’t necessarily need to implement every single one, but you need to show that you at least consider them. If your employees can be their authentic selves, they can work to achieve their best work.

2) Delegate without micromanaging

Let them make decisions and hold them accountable for the results of their decisions. If they’re responsible for the failures, they’ll work even harder to make sure they succeed. In fact, let them fail. If you step in to fix mistakes or you’ll undermine their confidence. And if they own the result, then they have to be in charge of the playbook to make it all happen. It’s only fair. Give them a say on strategy, projects, or processes that affect their work.

3) Make a plan that requires buy-in

Everyone has to have a clear understanding of company goals. Reiterate those goals on a regular basis, so your employees really believe in them. Have your individual employees make a roadmap that align their goals with the goals of the team. Employees have to understand how their goals contribute to the success of the company so they stay motivated. And on the flip side of that, provide them with regular feedback. If you ignore them and act like you don’t care about their professional development, they’ll believe you don’t care. If you empower your employees to grow and be successful, they’ll be invested in what they’re doing and engaged with the team.

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