Protecting your temporary workers should be a huge priority for your company. Almost all workplace injuries are preventable. Though your permanent employees have undergone rigorous training on your machinery, equipment, and safety protocol, there’s a good chance your temp workers just glossed over that part. No matter what type of employment contract you have between you and your workers, anyone who’s in the workspace needs to be trained and prepared in proper operating procedures and safety protocol. Here’s how you can protect your temp workers better.

Follow These Safety Best Practices

Keep your worksite hazard-free

Identify and eliminate potential safety and health hazards. This includes tripping and slipping obstacles, poorly lit spaces, and out-of-date or unsafe equipment. If you’re not totally sure, what to look for, OSHA provides a free on-site consultation service that’s separate from enforcement and won’t result in penalties or citations.

Train your staff to look for hazards

Train, train, train, and re-train! Safety should be one of your absolute top priorities for several reasons. One, you want to keep your staff safe. Second, workplace injuries are expensive to you, the employer. And third, a serious workplace injury will do you no favors from a public relations standpoint—even if it was “just a temp employee!” You’ll have trouble establishing a working relationship with other staffing agencies in the future. So, train all your staff to be on the lookout for things to slip on or trip on, things that might be flammable, or even wardrobe issues that might impede functionality.

Meet industry standards

Your industry probably has safety regulations or best practices that they require and might issue certain certification or awards accordingly. So make sure your company is on record as having had minimal safety issues or violations. That kind of clean record will earn you more credibility as a safe, reputable employer, worthy of having employees competing to work for you.

Delegate a safety person

All the various safety regulations and potential hazards can certainly be overwhelming! It might help to assign some of the responsibility to some of your managers or most trusted employees. Have each person take care of one specific physical space or keep a lookout for one type of hazard. And though you also want your temp employees to have a vigilant mindset, you should probably only charge your permanent employees with such a task—that way you don’t have to worry about gaps or forgotten duties when a temp leaves.

Manage illnesses and injuries

Keep track of all injuries so you can figure out why they’re occurring and eliminate the problem. Deal with it immediately so you can keep your solid track record when it comes to maintaining a safe workplace. Encourage your employees to stay home when they’re ill so they don’t contaminate other workers. Be mindful of when illnesses are traveling around your employees so everyone can perform best hygiene practices and keep it contained.

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