A talent shortage means that greater demand for talent can lead to greater opportunities. Candidates are far from desperate, so they can weigh their options and take their time exploring every possibility before accepting an offer. Meanwhile, companies have to appeal to the best, most talented candidates by showing that they’re the best place to work. Here are three reasons a talent shortage is a fantastic opportunity for you.

The Talent Short is Good For Your Career Because:

1. Employers don’t want to waste time

Sometimes that will mean that they’ll hurry the process and try to hire anyone as soon as possible. For other companies, they’ll rush to offer the best benefits package they can afford to put together, anxious to lock down top talent. So, look for a company that actually delivers on the perks, benefits, and cultural advantages it advertises.

2. They’re always looking for soft skills

Even though companies might not be clear in the job descriptions they’re posting, they know exactly what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate. And they prefer soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, problem solving, professionalism, and teamwork over other, more tangible skills that might show up on your resume. So emphasize your soft skills and accomplishments when you’re interviewing. Employers can’t teach the soft skills—they can’t teach you how to work hard or get along with others, but those traits can shine through in interviews and natural conversations. And your career accomplishments roll the same way. They all speak to the quality of your work, proving that you already have the necessary hard skills.

3. Recruiters are seeking you

Recruiting experts and hiring managers are stepping away from the databases and career fair booths to hunt down the most talented candidates. So if you can make yourself accessible and available, the opportunities will find you. Try joining professional associations, relevant to your industry with local chapters, meetings, and networking events—they’re a great way to meet people. You also might join a broader neighborhood professional group with a more diverse set of skilled workers whom you might be able to link up with. Alumni organizations, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and other online networks are a great way to make professional connections. And don’t forget to check in with some of your old contacts at a former employer. Even if your former company isn’t prepared to hire you, an old colleague might have a lead to connect you with. If you’re the sought-after talent, put on your game face, play your game, and get yourself the job offer you deserve.

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