Workplace safety should be a priority for all companies. Without a commitment to a safe working environment, employees are at risk. It can jeopardize the quality of your product and cost your company time and money. In a safe working environment, employees can concentrate on their tasks, trusting that they’re not in danger. Engagement will improve, as will the quality of your workers’ output. Here’s how a safe working environment can contribute to business performance.

 How Does Safety Impact Business?

1) Limited accidents and injuries

Accidents and injuries can be really costly to your company. If they’re serious enough and it means workers will have to miss their shifts to recover, then your productivity is diminished and you might even have to hire temporary workers. They can also cost you money—workers’ compensation insurance will go up and you might have to cover rehabilitation costs for an injured employee, especially if you’re found liable in a lawsuit. Perhaps more costly is that your reputation will suffer. It’ll be hard to staff your company if prospective employees fear for their safety. But if you have a record of a safe working environment, the most talented, experienced workers will be clambering to work for you!

2) Hold workers accountable

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It’s up to managers and supervisors to make the rules and policies known and ensure proper training, and it’s up to the workers to carefully observe those policies and procedures. This means you should only hire the more mindful, diligent employees—people who will respect your safety rules and the same time they’re working their hardest to ensure that the work they’re turning out it top quality. Ultimately though, your company is responsible for maintaining a safe working environment, so it’s up to you to make sure that your employees are trained, aware of the risks, and following the rules set by management or your industry standards. If you’re not routinely reminding your employees of their safety obligations and holding them accountable for safety violations, any resulting accidents will fall on you.

3)  Reduced costs

When you control safety and health hazards, you’ll automatically preserve your human and physical resources and reduce your overhead costs. By carefully recruiting and vetting job candidates and only selecting the ones who work hard and pay careful attention to details, you’ll be staffing your company with the best talent. Though it costs a bit to train them, consider it an investment. Those costs are far less than the costs of covering a workplace accident, and injury, or even an employee death.

 4) Improved performance

Those carefully selected workers you selected are also characteristically diligent, focusing on your company’s greater goals and objectives and understanding how their everyday tasks contribute to your bottom line. Workers who are concentrating on safety are more engaged, not just on safety, but on the quality of their work.

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