Showing your appreciation for your employees is one of the most important things you can do to keep up your morale and build loyalty from your team. There are lots of ways to show your gratitude—a thank you note, simple recognition, monetary bonus, and gifts—but it’s not what you award, it’s that you acknowledge them. Employees need to know that they’re valued for their efforts and the contributions they make on a daily basis. Here are three reasons you need to show you’re thankful for your employees.

3 Reasons To Thank Your Employees

1. Boost morale

When you thank your employees for all the hard work they put in, either publicly or in private, they’ll feel more appreciated. You’ll form stronger ties with your employees, increasing their level of job satisfaction and level of engagement. When workers enjoy their jobs, they’ll work harder to keep it, make contributions to the company, and keep their supervisor happy.

2. Increase productivity

When workers receive a thank you from their boss, they’re twice as likely to volunteer to do more work. They’ll feel better about their abilities and their talents and they’ll feel confident enough to take on more responsibilities. They’ll work harder knowing that their work is important and knowing that you expect a lot from them. Receiving praise for certain tasks and behaviors tends to reinforce that behavior.

3. Build company loyalty

When you appreciate your staff and recognize their efforts, they’ll reciprocate with loyalty to you and to your company. And it doesn’t even always have to be anything fancy or expensive, like a gift certificate, tickets to a sporting event, all-inclusive trip, or magazine subscription. It can be as simple as making an announcement in a meeting to commend them for their accomplishments. In fact, you can never run out of thank-yous. You can say it again and again, to your entire staff or to individuals one at a time. And you can offer the fancy, expensive gifts, too, but know that the sentiment behind the gesture is the most important part.

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