When you have quality employees that you depend on to keep your company up and running, you want to do everything you can to keep them. Good employees are not easy to replace. And if they’re really that great, chances are they’ll soon get noticed by your competition and you’ll have to fight to retain them. Here are the most effective ways to retain your best employees.

Tips For Retaining Employees

1. Pay them well

You need to pay your employees what they deserve in your industry. Pay attention to salary trends in your field to make sure you’re staying competitive—salaries in demanding jobs tent to grow more quickly than others. And in addition, to pay, your employees deserve generous benefits, public recognition, bonuses, and perks.

2. Be flexible

If you want to earn loyalty from your employees, be flexible, generous, and understanding when it comes to a healthy work-life balance. Many probably have families, so the ability to leave work early, work from home, or work flexible hours will mean a lot to them. And a generous and flexible paid paternity and maternity leave will let your employees that you value them and respect their family time.

3. Train leaders

If you want your employees to happily challenged in their roles, then you need to make sure that their managers are properly trained to be leaders. Managers have to be experts in communicating expectations and helping workers manage deadlines and requirements. They should be approachable to clarify questions, handle disputes, and address concerns to the point of keeping everyone satisfied. So select your managers carefully and make sure they’re properly trained in social skills and communication skills. And reward your top employees with leadership training and management roles when appropriate. Other types of professional development and mentoring programs can also be rewarding. You want them to feel trusted, respected, and valued.

4. Offer creative benefits

It’s not enough just to offer a salary, health insurance, and a 401k anymore. Those are still important, but many companies are starting to offer gym memberships, onsite childcare, half days on Fridays in the summer, daily lunches, and education reimbursement. What other perks can you offer that your employees would value? Consider family-friendly events, company discounts, or onsite workout classes. Get to know your employees and find out what they would consider a truly valuable perk.

5. Encourage a positive company culture

Foster a really positive workplace. Reward and praise the accomplishments of your best employees, and encourage improvement in your workers who need it. Lots of feedback helps them to feel engaged and satisfied with their career satisfaction. You want your employees to support teamwork and cooperation, instead of competition. A positive workplace yields greater productivity and less stress and tension.

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