Finding the best talent and making the right hires can be a huge challenge for companies. It takes time to review applications, read resumes, interview candidates, check references, and negotiate salaries. And if you’re the one running the company, there are about a million other things you’d probably rather do with your time. Like, developing a marketing strategy, managing your budget, motivating with your sales team, or simply checking in with your employees and making sure everything’s on track. Here’s how a staffing company can help you out and add value to your company.

How Could A Staffing Company Benefit Your Company?

1. Find hidden talent

Staffing companies form strong relationships and have connections to talent that you’d never be able to find on your own. Sometimes there are talented individuals who are happily working for other companies, who aren’t even looking for a job, but if your recruiter already has a relationship with them, there’s a good chance they can convince them to come work for you. They’re natural match-makers, so they can predict which talented employees would be a good fit for your company.

2. Insight into the job market

Your recruiters already know the supply and demand of the position you’re looking to fill in your specific industry. They know what type of salary and benefits you need to offer to make sure the perfect candidate accepts your offer, and they have a broader perspective on issues that you probably can’t see as well. Even though you think you’ve met the perfect candidate, as an outsider, your recruiter will have a better sense of whether they’ll fit into your company culture.

3. Fast hires

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of working with a staffing company is how quickly they can make find the perfect candidate and make a great hire. They’re laser-focused on vetting candidates, scheduling interviews, and helping you negotiate a salary. It’s all they do! Meanwhile, you can be busy running your company. Great talent can be really tough to find, and since recruiters have access to a deeper network of qualified candidates, they can find it a lot sooner than you could by posting on job boards. A quick hiring process saves you money and the angst and stress an opening can have on the morale of the rest of your employees.

4. Reduced risk

Staffing companies take on the burden of adhering to labor laws, providing insurance, and covering expenses if the new hire suddenly leaves. The staffing company assumes these liabilities for you, so you can focus on managing your company.

5. Creative hiring options

Sometimes the key to making a great hire is facilitating a different type of hiring arrangement, like temporary positions, temp-to-hire, and direct hires. In certain instances, a temporary hire might a great opportunity for both the employer and the employee to test out their fit in the company.

Are you considering staffing solutions?

Whatever your business goals, we have a solution to support it. Whether you need quickly deployable clerical/administrative talent, ready-to-work light industrial labor, skilled manufacturing operators, or experienced professionals, we can help. HW Staffing Solutions is your partner in performance. Contact us today to find which solution works best for you.

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