Even in this boom economy where the unemployment rate is at an all-time low, temp agencies are absolutely crucial to making sure your company finds the talent it needs. They help more than 15 million employees find career opportunities that are best suited for them each year. Staffing agencies have a huge network of qualified candidates that they can help match to your hiring needs. Here are some industry trends that prove the value of temp agencies.

People like part-time opportunities

While 76% of employees hiring by staffing agencies are full-time, many prefer the flexibility that comes with part-time and temporary positions. Part-time employees can supplement their paycheck with another gig or they can just use their free time to pursue a passion or hobby, like sailing, hiking, volunteering, or being home with their kids.

It’s a foot in the door

Half of staffing employees have said that a temporary job is a great way to eventually land a permanent job. They can earn a paycheck and if it turns out they didn’t love the job, they get to move on to something new when their contract is up. And for the employer, they get a chance to test out the temporary employee and evaluate whether or not that person is a good fit for their company. If they are, they might offer them a full-time or permanent position at the end of their contract. And if not, no worries—their immediate staffing needs were met and they can look for someone new if needed. More than one-third were offered a permanent job by a client where they worked on an assignment, and two-thirds of those accepted those permanent job offers.

Experience is valuable

Nine out of ten employees who’ve opted to use a temporary staffing agency have said that the experience they gained made them more employable. The employees get to pad their reference list and add all of those transferrable skills they developed to their resume. They might have also gleaned some valuable training that they can mention on their next round of interviews, or brag about working for a prestigious company. And for the employer, it’s a great chance to whittle down exactly what their hiring needs are, based on their experience with that temporary employee—they might want to look for someone similar or steer clear of a jobseeker with those same traits.

Staffing works in all sectors

There’s so much variety in what temporary staffing agencies do! Some assignments are a one-shift gig, lasting only a few hours, and some might last a few years. The average tenure is about three months. And though the average wage is more than $17 per hour, some make more than $100 per hour. You can find staffing employees in industrial companies, clerical and administrative positions, managerial roles, engineering and technology occupations, and health care jobs.

Are you considering staffing solutions?

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