A great administrative assistant is absolutely essential at any company. With such a wide range of responsibilities—handling phone calls, scheduling meetings, managing social media, or updating spreadsheets—you have to make sure you have the right person in place. They’re the backbone of your company! Here’s how to find great clerical workers who can make your life easier.

Create a list of expectations

Clearly lay out what you’re looking for. What skills and qualifications are “must-haves?” What duties will you expect them for perform on a daily basis? If you know exactly what you’re seeking—one employee or two? Full-time or part-time?—your ideal person will be easier to find.

Draft a job posting

This can be tricky. You want to write something that appeals to great candidates, but you also want to be perfectly honest so your jobseekers know what they’re getting themselves into. They’re more likely to be successful in their new role of your expectations match theirs.

Spread the word

Online job boards and social media can be really useful, along with your company’s website, but you should also rely on good old-fashioned word of mouth. Ask your colleagues and other professional contacts if they know anyone qualified. And check with your current employees—they know better than anyone who’d be suited for the position.

Field the queries

Once the applications start pouring in, assess how the candidates are on the phone, in person, and in their written communication. After all, a great clerical worker must excel in those skills. Are they polite? Do they litter an email or resume with typos and spelling errors? All of these are clues at how they might perform in an administrative assistant job?

Seek “above and beyond”

Look for that special candidate who takes initiative and puts in the extra effort without being asked. It might mean that you have to explore their resume and see what extra training or certifications they’ve sought out. If they included anything about their education, a GPA might hint at that. Or maybe they’re a member of a professional organization. Or volunteer in their spare time. And those references can likely tell you what you need to know.

Check references

Contacting all those previous employers might seem tedious and excessive, but the truth is that it’s absolutely essential to make sure you’ve found the right person. Be straightforward and ask for their insights and experience. Those references can speak a lot about the person’s character, work ethic, and integrity. If the whole process is too time-consuming or intimidating for you, look to use a staffing agency to help you find the right talent. They already have access to a pool of qualified candidates and are waiting for your phone call.

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