Hiring the right employee is no easy task. You have to make sure they have all the right qualifications, skills, and experience on top of making sure that they’re a good cultural fit. There are so many reasons that someone who seems like a solid hire doesn’t work out—maybe they don’t get along with a key co-worker, they don’t work as hard as you need them to, or something came up in their personal life that’s distracting them from their work. Fortunately, HW Staffing has staffing options available that can let you test out an employee before you make them a permanent part of your team. Here’s why supplemental-to-direct could be a great hiring solution.

4 Reasons Supplemental-to-Direct Is A Great Hiring Strategy

1. Supplemental-to-direct, defined

A permanent hire can be risky business. If you hire the wrong person, you risk having to unload that person and start the hiring process all over again, which some experts estimate costs half of the employee’s annual salary. Not to mention the effect a bad hire can have on morale—co-workers might get frustrated or overwhelmed with extra duties while you peruse candidates. But the supplemental-to-direct hiring solution, which is also known as temporary-to-permanent, allows your company to test out a candidate for an extended period of time. If everything goes well, they’ll be offered a long-term full-time opportunity.

2. Access the talent

By opting for HW Staffing’s supplemental-to-direct hiring solution, you’ll have access to their pool of talented candidates. They can hook you up with the most qualified and experienced job seekers, but if you find that that person isn’t working out after a few weeks or months, there’s no commitment or pressure to keep that person around.

3. Avoid culture clashes

By testing out a new hire before you commit them permanently, you can get a feel for how well the candidate fits into your company’s culture. That’s tough to determine by scanning resumes and conducting an interview or two. But a culture clash can be a major drain on morale, engagement, and productivity—definitely something you want to avoid.

4. Test out the work ethic

You can also find out how well the employee can perform and how hard they’re willing to work. Sometimes a good work ethic, a willingness to learn to skills, and an ability to adapt to change can be more important than qualifications listed on a resume. You want to hire someone who’s resilient, who can problem-solve and overcome setbacks, all in an effort to help grow your business. You may have hired the most qualified and experienced candidate in the talent pool, but if they aren’t motivated and engaged. But with a supplemental-to-direct arrangement, you can evaluate those critical soft skills before you decide whether to hire that person permanently.

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