High volume hiring can be very overwhelming. Your HR department might be a team of professionals, but being flooded with thousands of resumes and applications can intimidate anyone. The hiring process is always complicated, but hiring en masse presents its own set of circumstances. And chances are, the positions you’re trying to fill are entry-level, so distinguishing between qualifications and levels of experience is even more difficult.

How To Find The Right High-Volume Hiring Solution

1. Understand the hiring needs

You first need to know which positions need to be filled and which qualifications you’re looking for in each role. This can be tricky because some of the needs may be unknown. Your company is likely expanding and it’s hard to anticipate just what the new layout and procedures will be. If your company has completed a similar expansion in the past, try to follow a similar blueprint.

2. Complete a job analysis

Otherwise, you can complete a job analysis, which includes observing employees performing the tasks and roles you need to fill. Ask for feedback and learn as much as you can about the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience that your ideal candidates will need to have. Think about your top-performing employees and identify their crucial traits and qualifications. Let these be part of your “must-haves” as you screen candidates.

3. Research other organizations  

If you don’t have another wing of your company that you can model this growth after, visit a similar company and use their employees to examine their procedures, skills, and other qualifications. Consider meeting with industry experts and leaders of other companies and to discuss what they feel are required for hiring the positions you seek. Once you have their framework and suggestions underway, you can tailor them to fit the unique needs of your company.

4. Don’t lower your standards

A bad hire is much more costly to your company than taking your time to hire the right people. High employee turnover costs money, time, and even morale. If you can, look for stellar employees within your current company who are ready to be promoted—this is the best place to find leaders and managers because you’ll already know a lot about those employees, particularly their work ethic, personality, and cultural fit.

5. Manage your candidates

Once you’ve laid out the specifics of your selection criteria, start collecting resumes and applications. Since you’ll have a flood of candidates, you’ll need to have a systematic way of managing them. An online questionnaire and screening software help to weed out candidates who don’t meet all your requirements. Just don’t make the application too long. Lengthy, tedious applications tend to turn off job seekers.

Are you looking for a high volume of employees?

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