A temporary seasonal job can prove to be a pretty solid opportunity for you. Many companies look to hire temporary workers because they can do so quickly, adjust their staff to fit changing demand, and give candidates a trial period while they decide whether to hire that person long-term. But without the guarantee of permanent employment, many job seekers are hesitant to apply for those jobs. Here are four reasons to consider a temporary seasonal job.

4 Benefits of A Seasonal Job

1. Potentially earn a permanent role

The average length of temporary jobs is actually increasing. While it used to be a few days or weeks, it’s now up to several months or even a year contract. Not to mention that there’s always the possibility that a temp role could become permanent. Many companies hire on a temporary basis and treat that time as an audition for a full-time role. You can increase those odds of being hired long-term by staying late, taking on extra responsibilities, and exceeding the goals set before you. Work hard and you’ll earn the attention of your managers who might be looking to hire from within.

2. Keep your momentum going

A long period of unemployment can be pretty psychologically damaging. You might be restless, frustrated, and hopeless, but a job—even a temporary one—can help you focus, add structure to your day, and find a sense of purpose. They say that any job is better than no job, so even if you take a temporary job with little promise of being hired long-term, you’re still preventing a long unemployment gap on your resume, learning new skills, and expanding your contacts. You never know who you might meet in this temp job who might be able to hook you up with a permanent position down the road.

3. Develop new skills

At the very least, this temporary position can be a pretty significant learning opportunity. You might be embarking on a new position in a completely new industry that suddenly widens your perspective and teaches you some new skills. Or you might focus on the transferrable, soft skills that you’re probably strengthening in this temporary role—communication, punctuality, and problem solving. Framed the right way, you can add all of those to your resume.

4. Impress your future employers

In addition to having new skills and experiences to add to your resume, you’re also proving to prospective employers that you have a solid work ethic and you weren’t content to sit back and wait for a permanent job offer to come in. Instead, you were proactive, eager to keep moving forward, learning new skills, and expanding your contacts. You’re a go-getter who prioritizes their career and is willing to work hard to advance it.

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