Springtime is a busy hiring season for a lot of companies. Which means that if you’re looking to expand your team this spring, you’re going to be competing with a lot of other organizations to hire the best talent. Seasonal employees are only around for a few months, but they matter immensely! The right staff can mean the difference between having a really successful quarter and a disastrous one. Here’s how you can prepare yourself to handle your spring seasonal openings.

How To Prepare For Seasonal Hiring

1. Start early

Since spring is already competitive when it comes to hiring, you have to beat out your competition by starting early. Know way in advance what you’re looking for—approach each one of your openings as though it’s a permanent, full-time position and write out a very clear and detailed job description.

2. Use your networks

Look back at your past seasonal hires—are any available now for you to quickly hire? If so, do it. They’re already trained and experienced so they can hit the ground running. Otherwise, ask your current staff for referrals. Tell them to spread the word and recommend people who would be a good fit. And use your social media. Post on Facebook, your website, and on Twitter to help get the word out.

3. Plan the interviews

No matter what you’ll probably have to use some of your current employees to help you interview, especially if you’re getting a lot of applicants. Which is actually perfect because no one knows what qualities and experiences are necessary more so than your own staff. And interviews are crucial! Resumes are what get the applicant’s foot in the door, but an interview is where you can learn about personality, possible customer service skills, trustworthiness, their ability to communicate, and maybe even work ethic. You can glean a lot of valuable information from and interview so don’t speed up the hiring process by skipping over them.

4. Limit mid-season turnover

After all the trouble of hiring, the last thing you want is for someone to quit or be let go in the middle of your busy season. But if you’re upfront and honest about your expectations, you can reduce the likelihood that you’ll have turnover. Provide onboarding, orientation, or training sessions. Give them a proper welcome, make them feel valued, and prepare them as best you can for their new role and responsibilities.

5. Keep them motivated

Even your temporary employees will be tempted to leave if they feel useless. Work with them to set goals, reward them with praise, and if you can, even incentivize strong performances with bonuses and prizes. And if you really want to set yourself apart from competing companies, offer some special benefits to those temporary workers, whatever makes the most sense for your company.

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