In a world where business trends and technology are constantly changing, it doesn’t take much for your company to become irrelevant. You have to prepare it to adapt to change, so that when the change happens, everyone—including your infrastructure—is ready. When companies become obsolete, it’s usually because they weren’t prepared and weren’t willing to prepare. This means embracing failure, establishing frequent communication, and to be learning constantly. Here are three ways to adapt to industry uncertainty.

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3 Ways to Adapt Your Workforce to Industry Uncertainty

1. Focus on the process

Of course it’s important to set goals. Everybody everywhere seems to be obsessed with setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-sensitive. Great, goals will keep you focused and motivated. But more than that, focus on the process itself. If you stress about them too much, any little set back will crush your morale. Instead, embrace failure and learn from those mistakes.

Promote accountability—failures aren’t just about bad luck. It means that someone didn’t think ahead or know all the necessary information when they made a decision. Holding yourself and your team accountable helps to build trust and establish better, more efficient procedures. Celebrate your successes when your team hits a milestone and praise their hard work when they don’t.

2. Establish frequent communication

Meet with your employees—both as a group and individually—regularly. Make sure they have all the resources and information they need to be successful. Let them share their progress and opinions and concerns while you help them problem solve. Don’t micromanage, of course. Your employees should still have control and ownership over their projects, but the more often you touch base, the more certain you can be that they’re on the right track.

3. Be constantly learning

Learn as much as you can about your industry. Aside from learning from your successes and failures, subscribe to relevant publications and online newsletters, attend seminars, trade shows, and conferences, and follow industry leaders on social media. They can keep you informed of technological advances that might be useful and changes in legislation that might affect you. This way, you can anticipate what changes might be coming down the pike and give you some insight into what other companies are doing to prepare.

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