Effective onboarding is the first step to employee retention. Almost a third of employees have quit a job within the first six months. And 33% knew within the first week of employment whether or not they would stay at their company long-term. So that first impression is key. Studies show that the top reasons employees leave a company so early is because of a bad onboarding experience, leaving them unclear about their job duties and with unrealistic expectations about their role. Hiring someone new is expensive and takes time, but if you can onboard properly, you’ll ensure that employees will stay with you long-term and you won’t have to constantly hire and recruit. Here are four onboarding tips.

Tips For Onboarding New Employees

1. Start before day one

Stay in contact with your new hire before their start date. Send over any paperwork that can be completed beforehand so they can hit the ground running that first day. Start including them in communications so they get familiar with the goings-on in the company. You might even send a quick email just before they start that simply says, “Enjoy the weekend! See you Monday!” just to make them feel welcome before you start working.

2. Announce the hiring

Once you make the hire, announce it to the rest of your team and maybe the whole company. Include a mini-bio and some other interesting tidbits about their career and what their new role will be. On the first day, hold a lunch gathering, happy hour, or team meeting to introduce everyone and encourage people to connect. Don’t forget to introduce them to any clients, customers, and other stakeholders.

3. Teach the tools

You can’t expect a new hire to excel in their job if they don’t understand how to use the tools and platform that you and your team have come to rely on. They might be able to figure it out on their own, but you should still provide a tutorial and some resources—maybe a point person—to go to when they have a question or issue. Make sure their email accounts and any other intranet portals are set up before that first day. Gift them with a starter kit full of notepads, writing utensils, and any other materials you can supply with your company logo on it to really feel part of the team.

4. Communicate expectations

You probably know exactly what you expect of this new hire, but although they’ve surely seen a job description, they still need to hear a breakdown of their duties and responsibilities from you. You’ll need to outline some specifics and give them the chance to ask questions. Convince them how meaningful their job is and make sure you’re clear about the impact that their role has on the health of the company. Their daily tasks make significant contributions that propel the company in the direction of its long-term goals.

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