Filling out job applications can be frustrating! There’s no guarantee that you’ll hear back, and sometimes it doesn’t seem worth the effort. You might fill out several dozen applications only to land one or two interviews. In fact, you might not hear back from several of them at all and you wonder whether the online application even went through. Here’s why you don’t need to spend 20 minutes on a job application and what you can do instead.

Do I Always Have To Fill Out A Long Job Application Just to Get Noticed?

1. They don’t always work

First of all, most jobseekers fill out dozens and dozens of online applications. And when they do, they only get one or two interviews. It doesn’t seem worth all the time and effort. And even more frustrating is when you’re filling out an application and you go to refresh the page or load the next one, and everything you had filled out disappears! Nothing had saved and all your information is lost. Most people don’t continue after that point—they get frustrated and move onto the next application.

2. They’re too time-consuming

Some online applications as question after question that simply repeat what’s on your resume. It’s hard to make yourself shine by answering such impersonal questions. They’re tedious and frustrating—some academic and government websites have application processes that can take six to eight hours to complete. Not only that, but most online recruiting processes are slow and it might take weeks to hear back from an employer even if they really like your resume.

3. They’re impersonal

After you fill out online applications, it’s likely that you’ll sit for weeks and weeks and hear back nothing—not even a form letter that simply tells you the position has been filled. In fact, chances are your information has been lost due to a glitch in the system. And most applications use keyword-system algorithms to evaluate your application instead of human eyes that can read and discern and make a reasonable decision. Online applications make the process really accessible which increases the number of total resumes a hiring manager has to deal with anyway. In other words, you’re competing against many more applicants than you would have a few years ago.

4. Easy apply option

Or you can simplify things and use the Easy Apply Option on our website. You can simply type in your name, email address, and phone number, and select the HW Staffing location nearest to you. HW Staffing will follow up with jobs that are suited for you. We can help you craft a job-winning resume and prepare for interviews, you’ll stay up to date on industry trends and the latest skills and opportunities, and you can try a variety of jobs before you commit to something permanent.

Use our easy apply options!

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