It’s Millennial Month!

Millennials make great hires for a variety of different reasons—they value the quality of their work, they’re interested in collaboration, and they’re optimists. Thanks to coming of age with social media, they’re used to being honest and genuine and are more than willing to share their opinions. Here are five benefits your Millennial workforce brings to work.

5 Ways The Newer Generations Can Benefit Your Company

1. Efficiency through technology

Not only do most Millennials have more formal education that previous generations, they’re also technology experts, having grown up with it. They’ve never lived without a computer, they have a natural affinity for technology and how to optimize its uses, and they’re experts at social media. On their phones most of the time, they’re great at using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. They understand the scope of social media and the potential it has to spread awareness and information.

2. Affordability

It’s actually cheaper to hire Millennials than older, more experienced baby boomers who have more qualifications. And since they’re young, many still without a family or a massive mortgage, you can pay them less. Many Millennials are willing to sacrifice large paychecks for flexibility, a meaningful mission, perks, and personal recognition. Pay them less and you’ll still get quality work in exchange.

3. Adaptability and agility

By hiring someone less experienced, you can actually customize their training to fit your needs. Fresh out of school, they’re used to learning, they want to learn, and they’re prepared to absorb new information more readily. Since they’re newer to the workforce, they haven’t picked up any bad habits yet, so they can accept change and roll with the punches.

4. New energy and perspective

Millennials care about the big picture and can see what matters outside of the office, to society at large. They’re ethical and charitable and they care more about the mission of their work than their salary or title. Though they’re concerned about the environment, they’re optimistic. Millennials think outside of the box and can bring a new perspective and different ways of thinking to your tired ways of running your business.

5. Collaboration

Millennials are great with teamwork and collaboration because they cherish the end goal. Instead of prioritizing personal accolades and bonuses, they’re more focused on turning out quality work. If that means sharing ideas and working with others, they’re more than willing to do so.

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