We’re ten years out from the Great Recession and unemployment is as low as ever, but, according to research, Millennial men ages 25 to 34 are less likely to work than before. In fact, about 500,000 young men are missing from the workforce, and it isn’t clear why. But it’s a problem for those men. Without a college degree or other marketable certification and without the experience of having had a real job, it’ll be really hard for these men to recover. This is also a HUGE opportunity for employers. Millennials are creative thinkers, hard workers, and technology experts—totally worth hiring! Here’s how you can benefit from those shocking employment numbers.

How Can You Attract The Younger Generation to Work For You?

1. Optimize review sites

Half of Millennials report that they prefer being unemployed to working at a job they hate, so they’re going to do ample research before applying to a job they’re not going to like. Make sure you have a strong social media presence and a solid reputation on review sites. Report any reviews that aren’t true and respond to any negative reviews—apologize and offer to make amends. And if the complaints are true, look to change!

2. Offer personal and professional growth

People, not just Millennials, want to advance their careers, so offer training, mentorships, online courses, and seminars and promote them on your careers page. And not only do they want professional development opportunities, they want personal health and wellness opportunities, too. Consider offering yoga, meditation, or nutrition classes.

3. Show off corporate social responsibility

Millennials don’t want just any job—they want to work for a company with a mission, so make sure yours is an organization that gives back. The easiest way to do this is to facilitate volunteering, recycling, and fundraising. Consider a corporate contribution-matching program, encouraging sustainable action, and make your company one that Millennials are proud to work for.

4. Offer some creative perks

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, like ping pong tables in the break room or laser tag Fridays. It can be things that are totally useful, like tuition reimbursement, flex scheduling, bonus trips to the Caribbean, or a gym membership. Millennials value a work-life balance, and since stress has such a negative impact on your employees’ health, so it’s a prerogative for you to minimize it.

5. Overhaul your company culture

Millennials aren’t satisfied with the same corporate or manufacturing environment that their parents were comfortable with. That was boring to them. Instead, make your offices comfortable, inviting, and accommodating where people can show off their individuality and feel accepted. Consider providing snacks, having a casual dress code, and a fun break room.

6. Offer choices and feedback

Give your employees choices. Let them pick their benefits, their schedules, or how to design their workspaces. And give them the opportunity to share feedback so they feel like their opinions are valued and respected.

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