Believe it or not, hiring is evolving all the time. It’s directly impacted by technological innovation, overall supply and demand, and unemployment rates. And if your company can’t keep up with the trends, other companies will beat you to the punch, hiring the talent you need right out from under your nose. Here are the newest hiring trends for 2019 and how HW Staffing can help you keep up.

Top 5 Hiring Trends of 2019 

1. It’s competitive out there

Unemployment is low so jobs are going to continue to grow, both for full-time professionals and temp workers. Employers will need to offer some pretty competitive compensation and perks to attract a wider pool of candidates. Think flex scheduling, remote work, and contracting temp employees. HW Staffing can help you craft the perfect arrangement for the type of hiring gaps you need to fill. We know the best type of contract to optimize the bang for your buck and attract top candidates.

2. Social media is key

LinkedIn is already optimized by most companies, and Facebook is pretty prevalent, but Twitter and Instagram are just starting to be used effectively. Companies can start to use their social media accounts to appeal to more candidates. HW Staffing can help you use your accounts to market open positions, reach out to influencers who can help them advertise

3. Technology can speed up your hiring process

No matter what, it seems that interviewing candidates is the most time-consuming part of the interview process, but online tools can make this go faster. Instead of scheduling face-to-face meetings, you can add another step—personality, writing, or functional tests—to further screen candidates before you proceed any further. That way, if you need a strong writer, you can administer a test and weed out any weak writers before you waste everyone’s time scheduling interviews. HW Staffing can help you identify which tests might be useful and facilitate them.

4. Degrees are irrelevant

Not to say that college is irrelevant of course, but your major and degree aren’t nearly as important as they used to be. Instead, companies aren’t ruling out candidates just because they don’t have the right degree or a degree at all. They’re looking at things like experience, passion, and their potential achievements knowing that they can provide any type of essential training themselves. At HW Staffing, we’re experts at vetting candidates, so we’ll help you find the ones who are most experienced, skilled, and passionate about your company and industry so you can hire ones who are best suited to drive and grow your business.

5. Technology is a must-have

This probably goes unsaid, but technology continues to be important in nearly all industries. Most employers are placing more and more emphasis on tech skills, insisting that tech will be used more regularly in employees’ day-to-day tasks. HW Staffing can help you match the hard tech skills you need with the right candidates.

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