The fun thing about technology is that it changes so rapidly and affects all industries. And that includes human resources. Yes, it can be a little intimidating to not know what’s coming, but if you read ahead and stay up-to-date, you can make sure your company’s ahead of the curve. Here are some HR tech trends to pay attention to.

6 HR Trends To Keep on Your Radar

1. Checking for bias

There’s a lot of artificial intelligence wrapped up in recruiting in hiring, but after a few proven instances of discriminatory algorithms, many companies are starting to scrutinize that process more. And the more companies that start using technology, either the better it’ll be proven to work or the more cases of bias will turn up. If your company plans on purchasing such technology, be sure to check for validation studies to make sure your programs haven’t shown any bias.

2. Measuring for engagement

While many companies are still using annual surveys to measure employee engagement, a growing number of companies are starting to use more non-traditional methods like monitoring where employees are spending their time, reading their online calendars, and scanning some of their emails. They’re trying to get a feel for morale and employee sentiment so they can figure out how to improve engagement. This market is seeing a boom, meaning that there will be more and more options for different types and sizes of companies.

3. “Nudging” your employees

Also in the name of productivity, there’s new technology that can keep tabs on your employees at their workstations. And it’s more constructive than simply poking people reminding them to get back to work. Instead, it might remind them to take a quick break because it seems they’re losing focus. Or it might send them a quick motivational email message or instructional video. It frees up managers from having to do similar tasks and it gives them feedback on how employers are using their time.

4. Using the cloud

More and more companies are moving their HR process to the cloud as the technology becomes more sophisticated. It means that cloud products are improving, now capable of managing complex HR systems, like international payroll and unionized employees.

5. Adding specialized technology

An increasing number of specialized technology solutions are being added to the marketplace in 2019. They’re being used to recruit, to answer employees’ HR questions, and to monitor employment engagement. As these technologies are improving, they’re able to be quickly added and integrated to other management suites and interfaces.

6. Managing career development

One of the most exciting things happening in HR technology is that companies can manage a lot of their professional development tasks online. This might mean onboarding, leadership training, mentor-matching. The technology can figure out what your employees will most benefit from and market those learning opportunities to your employees. It’s about making professional development more accessible to your employees so they actually take advantage of it.

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