Managing employees is never easy. You have to motivate and negotiate all different types of personalities, all while managing administrative tasks like payroll and hiring and staying focused on your long-term goals. There’s a lot to juggle, even when things are going smoothly. Here are some management tips that will benefit your summer workforce.

6 Management Tips

1. Know the law

Perhaps most importantly, you have to abide by the law. You’re responsible for making sure your company is complying with state and federal employment and hiring laws. Think: sexual harassment, wrongful termination, wage and hour law violations, and contract violations. If you slip up, you could face a fine or a lawsuit.

2. Keep your policies in writing

It’s nice to be cool and casual, especially in the summertime, but ultimately, you need to have your company policies documented in writing and accessible for you and employees to refer back to. If a tricky situation comes up, you want to have some sort of document to refer back to. Outline your job descriptions, absence policies, and anything else that a coworker might have a question about.

3. Organize your payroll

Pay attention to payroll and make sure you’re staying on top of it. You need to pay each employee on time and the paychecks need to be correct. The IRS and department of revenue for your state also have stipulations that you need to. Many of these laws change frequently so it helps if you have someone who’s in charge of keeping up with all the changes.

4. Offer competitive benefits

If you want to bring on the most talented employees, you have to offer appealing benefits. Think health insurance, vision and dental, not to mention paid sick days, personal days, funeral and family leave, holidays and vacations, and paternity and maternity leave. If your team consists of a lot of seasonal employees, you probably aren’t offering all of these benefits to everyone, so you need to offer some other really attractive perks.

5. Manage tasks

You can’t do everything by yourself, so realize that you have to delegate. And as you do so, assign tasks to the right people and make sure each person has an adequate amount of responsibilities. It should be as fair as possible. If you’re doling way more duties to one employee in particular, make sure that person is being compensated appropriately. And don’t micromanage! Your employees will be a lot happier and engaged if you trust them to make decisions on their own and show off their creativity.

6. Consider scheduling preferences

You can’t accommodate every single scheduling request or whim, but do your best to keep your employees satisfied and pleasing them when you can. You might be surprised how many people might be okay with working an undesirable shift if you’re respectful and explain why you need someone then.

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