Community involvement might sound difficult or excessive, but it’s pretty important for your business. It’s more than a cute add-on that makes you feel good about yourself at the end of the day. It should be an integral part of your company culture, something that you prioritize. It’s also a good way to boost your visibility in the community, give you a leg up on your competition, and improve your employees’ morale. Plus, you’re helping to address serious needs and your community to grow. Here’s why community involvement is essential to your business.

4 Ways To Develop a Culture of Service in Your Company

1. Help community grow

When you take the time to give back to the community, you’re helping its members grow, develop, and find success. In turn, they’ll be loyal to your company, and you’ll help to form a tight-knit community full of clients and customers for local businesses to draw upon. When businesses, families, and individuals are healthy and prosperous, the whole community grows and flourishes.

2. Build your reputation

When you get involved in the local community, you help boost your brand and your reputation. People become more and more familiar with your company’s name and faces within. They grow to trust you and your employees and your products and services. Your company name and its brand become synonymous with reliability, generosity, and altruism. You’ll have a leg up on your competition when consumers are choosing between you and another company because you’ll be the more trustworthy option.

3. Build a culture of service

By prioritizing service and community involvement, you’ll boost morale among your employees. They’ll be more satisfied with their jobs and their careers, knowing that they work for a company that values altruism and social responsibility. That higher job satisfaction will lead to higher productivity and employee loyalty. And when you make generosity and involvement part of your company’s values, it becomes contagious—it trickles down to your employees and becomes one of their personal priorities as well.

4. Lead by example

When you get involved in the community, other businesses will be inspired to get involved, too. Soon, all the companies working together will enhance the life and vitality of the community. And your employees will do the same. You’re increasing awareness about local social justice issues.

Have you heard of the HW Staffing Holiday Food Drive?

The holiday food drive is something HW Staffing facilitates every year. Hunger is a real issue for too many people in this country. We challenge you to give back to the community and those in need in any way you can. If you don’t have a local charity you support, we’d love to partner with you during the holiday season. Check out our Holiday Food Drive page for more information.

4th Annual HW Cares Community Food Drive -2019

16 million American kids struggle with hunger each year and according to @FeedingAmerica, 1 in 7 Americans will turn to a food bank for help. This is why HW Staffing Solutions comes together each year as a team to participate in the HW Cares Community Food Drive, a Holiday Food Drive in its fourth year. From November 11th through December 17th, employees are encouraged to drop off a canned good or dry perishable food item at their local branch or on-site location. These items are then donated to a community food bank designated by the branch. In exchange for caring each employee who donates an item is entered into a raffle to win one of three prizes, usually a gift card.

This is just one way you can give back to the community.  There are many other ways to give back, be involved, and demonstrate leadership and commitment to your community!

Looking for great employees to add to your team?

At HW Staffing Solutions, we provide people with the skills and work ethic you need to achieve your goals. With hard working, punctual, easy-to-train people on your team, productivity, profitability and safety are assured!y. Looking to build your team? Contact us today!

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