The holidays can be a stressful time, both for you and your employees. Many companies rely on an increased workforce during the busy holiday season. A variable staff isn’t always easy to manage, especially if your permanent employees are distracted by the holidays. It’s a lot to juggle, so it’s best to start planning ahead as early as possible. Here are five tips for managing your workforce during the holidays.

5 Ways You Can Manage Your Workforce Well During The Holidays

1. Recruit early

Start looking for your seasonal employees as early as possible so you get the best ones. If you wait until mid-December, you’ll be left with…whoever’s left. Instead, post your job openings early so you can access the best candidates. Then you also have a little cushion to properly train those employees and figure out the staffing dynamic that works the best.

2. Keep a database of seasonal employees

At the end of each holiday season, make a list of your best seasonal employees so you can contact them first next time you have openings. And as you part ways, let them know how much you appreciated their hard work and that you’d like to keep them in mind for the future. It’s a lot easier to bring on temporary employees why are already familiar with your company and your procedures.

3. Incorporate your seasonal employees

Treat your seasonal employees fairly, the same as you would your other employees. Give them fair wages, overtime, training, and other perks when appropriate. Incorporate them into your company culture—make them feel included and like they’re part of the team so they’ll be more engaged and motivated to perform. Make their experience with you pleasant. Even if you never see these employees again, they can spread the word about how great your company is and how much they loved working for you.

4. Make the expectations clear

Outline very specific job descriptions and provide any training that they might need to have to be successful. Give them necessary tools, equipment, and other resources and make sure they’re clear about your start and end dates—as close as possible anyway. They’ll appreciate that so they can start making plans for after.

5. Help employees manage personal stress

With the holiday season comes a lot of personal issues and stressors—illness, financial stress, depression, excessive partying, and heavier workloads. People are taking time off, so they’re squeezing more work into less time. Help keep the atmosphere at work light and relaxed while still keeping your standards for their quality of work high. Make your employees feel understood and supported. When they feel more in control of their situations, they’ll be less stressed and better able to focus on their work.

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