When you’re hosting an event, the most important aspects is the people you hire to work at it—bartenders, servers, ambassadors, greeters, registration staff, and more. You need people who are enthusiastic, reliable, professional, friendly, and polite. After all, these are the people who make the biggest difference in how the event goes. If you hire subpar front house staff, your guest experience will suffer and the event won’t be a success. Here are some tips on finding the best front house staff for your events.

How To Find the Best Front-House Staff

Know your budget

A staffing budget will dictate what types of staff you can hire and how many. Be sure to account for unseen costs, like overtime. A flexible budget means that you can hire extra people at the last minute or still deliver your best services in case something goes wrong. Then make sure you adhere to the staffing regulations for these types of events. If you’re hiring individuals, you need separate contracts for each person. If you’re working with an agency, you probably need to sign a contract with them. And if your event is out of state, you need to know the local hiring regulations in that state.

Understand the client’s expectations

Once you know your budget, clarify the client’s expectations for the event and find the staff that matches. Do they want circulating wait staff? Multiple bartenders? A big team of greeters? If they seem to have really high expectations, you might want to look for really experienced staff.

Ask for recommendations

Talk to your colleagues and ask for recommendations. Not only can they give you contact information for the best staff they’ve hired in the past, they can give you advice on hurdles and obstacles they’ve experienced when they’ve put on similar events. Be sure to ask for references—other people can tell you what they love or didn’t love about certain staff.

Interview and vet

Since you’re looking for staff who are friendly, personable, and professional, the best way to assess that is to interview them yourself. And the more candidates you meet, the better informed your decision will be. As you interview, set clear expectations for the requirements you’re looking for. When you outline specific requirements, you’re better prepared to vet everyone who comes in the door. And then be clear when you explain everyone’s roles for the evening. Let each person know what they’re responsible for from start to finish and who’s in charge of whom.

Have a staff meeting

It helps if everyone’s at least familiar with the people they’ll be working with at the event, so have a staff meeting, make introductions, and explain the chain of command. Go over details, a timeline of events, and a communication plan—how will staff communicate throughout the event? Walkie talkies? Texting? And include a pep talk so everyone gets excited for what’s ahead.

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