Nearly forty years ago, Helen Walsh had a vision of a staffing company based on core principles of dignity, excellence, and service. She wanted to help people in her community find jobs and layout a road map for their success. Her vision eventually materialized into HW Staffing Solutions, and forty years later, they continue to be committed to those principles, connecting great job candidates with great opportunities. Here’s a bit more about Helen Walsh and what her company can do for you.

What are HW Staffing Solution’s Core Values?

It’s A family affair

HW Staffing Solutions continued to grow and now employs thousands of people across New England, Ohio, New York, Tennessee, Kentucky, and New Jersey. Eventually, Helen brought on her son, who now helps her lead the company and serves as an example of dignity, excellence, and service. Now, her granddaughter also works for the company, following in the family footsteps and ensuring that her grandmother’s legacy lives on.

Dignity Is Essential

People want to be productive and they want to make contributions to the community—it’s part of our dignity. People feel dignified when they’re able to combine their craft and skill to make something or make something better. Thus, to have a job, especially one that they take pride in and that adds value to someone’s world, is to have dignity. Helen Walsh recognized that fact and made it her mission to help others obtain that dignity by finding a job that’s meaningful. HW Staffing recognizes that companies and employees are all unique and come in all shapes and sizes. They have different needs and goals and they’ll stop at nothing to match the right candidates to the right companies.

Excellence is Mandatory

Helen Walsh told her employees to always remember that without their field employees, they wouldn’t have jobs. Their clients and employees are the cornerstones of the organization and if they haven’t made them satisfied, then they haven’t done their jobs.

Service  Is Personal

Those relationships between HW Staffing and their candidates and clients are crucial for delivering uncompromised service and success. They strive to get to know each candidate and each company so that they can fully understand the unique requirements that define each job and the unique skills that characterize each candidate. Helen Walsh understood—and makes sure that her employees understand—that they can only be effective by committing to each relationship, respecting everyone’s time, listening to what their staffing partners say, and offering comprehensive, customized staffing solutions.

Forty years later…

To this day, HW Staffing is still committed to service and excellence, constantly seeking strategies to support their business partners and clients. Whether you need clerical and administrative talent, manufacturing operators, or industrial workers, they can help. And for its employees, they understand that the job market has changed and that the twenty-first-century job seeker is faced with unique challenges.

Are you looking for employees or a new job?

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