No matter how bossy your boss is or what your professional or educational background is, you are in control of your career. Your career is yours and only yours! It’s up to you to stand up for yourself, demand what you deserve, and advance your career in the direction of your choice. And the New Year is the perfect time to do so. It might mean advocating for yourself in your current job or finding a new opportunity elsewhere. Here’s why being sheepish at work isn’t great for your career.

You could slip backwards

Take a look at your resume. Has your current job helped you add any other skills or valuable experiences to it? Or are you pretty much where you were when you first started? Well, time is advancing, so if you’re not moving ahead, then you’re slipping backwards. Think about your job and whether it will move you closer to reaching your career goals. If you don’t see any exciting developments in the future, you need to speak up. Talk to your boss about pursuing some professional development opportunities and extra responsibilities that will help you grow. Otherwise, you’ll continue to regress.

Your only reward is your paycheck

Paychecks are nice, but your employer should provide you with more than that! You deserve growth and development opportunities, not to mention recognition and praise. And everyone deserves those other intangible rewards—that feeling that your work is important and you’re making valuable contributions to your company or the community at large.

You’ll lack inspiration

If you’re no longer passionate about your work and no one around you is inspiring you to learn more, then it’s time to find a new opportunity. You’re ready for new challenges, to pursue career goals, or find a mentor who can coach you on your career. If you’re not getting any of that at your current job, it’s time to find a new company.

Your efforts will be ignored

If you’re working really hard, going above and beyond, and no one’s really paying attention, it’s time to take action. Whether your extra efforts deserve a promotion, raise, or bonus, you at least deserve some praise and acknowledgment. If you’re not getting any of that, advocate for yourself. Start to document the work you’re putting in and how it’s adding value to your company. Show off your accomplishments during your next performance review or simply tell your boss about it.

Ready for more?

Whether you’re bored in your current job or you just recognize that you could accomplish a lot more somewhere else, it’s probably time to speak up. Talk to your boss about your need for more challenges. If you don’t, your career won’t advance and you’ll risk getting taken advantage of. For more information on how to pursue the career of your dreams,reach out today!

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