Whether your event is Valentine’s Day themed or not, if you’re hosting something in mid-February, add a little charm by having fun with this romantic holiday. It’s become a mainstream commercial success, more than simply a holiday for lovers. Celebrated in schools, restaurants, and offices, Valentine’s Day is a great way to boost energy and enthusiasm at your event. It doesn’t have to be all lovey-dovey, just a reason to make your event more festive and enjoyable. Here are some fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at your event.

Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for Event Staff

Valentine’s Day swag

Flowers, chocolates, small Valentine’s Day cards, even the small candy hearts with romantic messages on them—there are so many options for swag to give away. If nothing else, you’re gifting them with a small token to give to their kids or their significant other when they get home.


Decorate your event space with red and heart-shaped décor. Think crepe paper, banners, balloons, and signs, which are all items you can pick up at the dollar store. Keep it tasteful, it might be as simple as a small bouquet of flowers and a red tablecloth on each table.

Customized desserts

This might be my favorite way to celebrate. You can pick up some cupcakes with red, pink, or white frosting at the grocery store. Or, if there’s a meal as part of your event, order some truffles, iced cookies, or small cakes from the caterer that you can give out to all attendees.

Outfit accents

Have your staff wear red and pink and give out headbands, hats, and necklaces that feature hearts or an amorous theme. Be entertaining and playful, but stay professional.

Friendly Valentine’s Day raffle

Everyone loves to win something! Even if they’re single on this amorous holiday. Hold a raffle for your all your guests award the winner a special date night. It might be movie passes, or a gift card to a romantic restaurant, tickets for a wine tasting, a gift card for a special cooking class, or a private dinner experience.

Play a game

Bring some paper and pens and play Valentine-themed Pictionary or charades. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it, just a few minutes after lunch or before a keynote speaker to break the ice a bit. Use titles of love-related movies, songs, and TV shows and award small prizes to the winner.

Spread the love

Pick a local charity, perhaps one that’s relevant to the industry or event you’re hosting that day, and encourage people to donate a few dollars or coins, whatever’s floating around in their pockets, into a jar or basket. Just make sure you provide a little literature or signage to explain who the charity is and what they do.

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