If you’re looking for a permanent job, being hired as a temp is one way to start. Getting on the inside of a company gives you an advantage over external candidates when a full-time job opens up. Showing you blend with the culture increases your odds of permanently being hired on down the road. Determining that you work well with the team shows that you’re a good fit with the organization.

Here are three ways you can go from a temp to permanent position.

1. Work Like You Have a Permanent Job

Treat your temp role as paid training a full-time position. Show up early and work your entire shift. Offer to come in early or stay late when needed. Take a genuine interest in your tasks. Demonstrate commitment, enthusiasm, and flexibility at all times. Show that your skills produce high-quality work. Exhibit a positive attitude throughout the day. Remain motivated to perform your best no matter the circumstances. Make as few mistakes as possible. Learn to do better next time. Ask for constructive feedback to better perform your duties. Meet or exceed performance expectations and metrics. Share with your manager ideas to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Offer to help implement the changes. Volunteer for additional opportunities as they arise. Show the value you provide.

2. Build Relationships

Get to know as many employees as possible throughout the organization. Focus on team members, managers, leadership, and others who may have a say in whether you permanently get hired. Shake hands as you introduce yourself. Get to know coworkers as they get to know you. Ask questions. Learn all you can about the company. Reinforce why you enjoy working there and the value you provide. Anyone who knows you well can help you get a full-time position if it becomes available. They can provide information when opportunities open up that may interest you. The more employees who know you, your skills, experience, accomplishments, and qualifications, the greater your odds of being offered permanent employment.

3. Ask for a Full-Time Job

Let leadership know early on that you’re interested in permanent employment. Your manager, human resources, and other leaders often submit recommendations and make hiring decisions well in advance of when they need an employee to start. Ask your manager what it takes to receive a job offer. Do all you can to demonstrate you’re best suited for a full-time position. Be sure you’re considered when a permanent position opens up.

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