Wow, this all happened so fast. One second the world is operating as usual, and the next second, we feel we are all on lockdown. Don’t even get me started on toilet paper…. But really, none of us could have prepared for this.

There is about ONE thing we know for certain during this pandemic, and yes, you guessed right, the famous buzz word of 2020, “social distancing.” It is about all we have; it’s BEYOND important to practice it daily in all areas of our lives. You ask why? So we can come together as one nation and #FlattentheCurve

We need to change the view during this time to focus on self-care. Most of us run ourselves into the ground, working full-time jobs, raising a family, and going to school all at once. Even if you just do one of these things, it can be a lot. This is an important wake-up call for all of us to slow down, take a second to breathe, and take care of ourselves.

How many of us have gone to work sick before? I bet everyone reading this has several times, now is the time to self-care to reduce the scare. STAY AT HOME IF YOU FEEL SICK!

Yes, that means missing work for a couple of days. We get it; right now, if you have a job, call yourself lucky. We don’t want to jeopardize missing work, or maybe you feel you can’t jeopardize it. But, this pandemic isn’t about one person; it is about all of us. The more we protect one another, the faster we will get back to “normal.” You won’t lose your job by making the right call, trust us; your company will thank you for doing the RIGHT thing.

Stay at home if you feel sick, right now is about self-care over the scare.


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