At HW Staffing Solutions, the wellbeing of you and your employees is very important. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and taking precautionary measures to enhance our team members’ health and safety. We also are focused on making sure our staffing services are uninterrupted and support teams are responsive to customer needs. We will continue to be here and serve you during this difficult time. 

Here are 3 reasons why a staffing partner is so important during times of uncertainty.  

Fill Critical Needs 

Having flexible staffing options lets you fill critical business needs. Perhaps you work in an industry that requires immediate additional staff due to increased demand. Logistics and distribution, especially for healthcare, grocery, and delivery of online purchases, are in need of additional staff. Financial services demand more professionals to handle mortgage processing, SBA loans, and other relief activities related to the CARES Act. Although these sectors are experiencing substantially higher demand in business, many employees lack remote-capable technology such as laptops, internet access, secure access to key systems, or collaboration tools and are unable to work from homeThis causes additional stress on the organization and its ability to meet customer needs.  

HW Staffing Solutions can support your business functions during disruptive events and times of peak workloads. We have the talent you need to fill essential roles in industries such as light industrial, industrial/technical, professional/healthcare, and accounting & finance. 

Maintain Flexible Staffing Options 

Having access to agile staffing choices is increasingly important during this time of uncertainty. Business and technological disruption are among the key reasons a flexible workforce is necessary to get essential work done. The pandemic is creating challenges for companies needing immediate support while executing contingency plans. Whether certain employees are unable to transition to a remote work environment, or key employees develop COVID-19 symptoms and need to focus on their personal care, company resources continue to deplete while critical roles need to be filled.  

Whether you need quickly deployable clerical/administrative talent, ready-to-work light industrial labor, skilled manufacturing operators, or experienced professionals, HW Staffing Solutions can help. Let us be your partner in filling essential positions. 

Hire Essential Workers 

During this time of COVID-19, the need for essential workers is higher than ever. If your company is in the healthcare industry, the increased demand for workers means you need them to start now. As the system reaches maximum capacity, and healthcare professionals develop COVID-19 symptoms and need to quarantine, hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities need additional and backup staff.  

HW Staffing Solutions can fast-track the hiring process for your professional/healthcare roles. We have the talent needed to fight the pandemic.     

Partner with HW Staffing Solutions  

Quickly fill your essential business functions with help from HW Staffing Solutions. Our trained professionals are available to fill your needs now. Let us know how we can help today.  

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