During this global pandemic of COVID-19, daily lives are changing everywhere. With no obvious solutions, you’re learning to lead your team through every obstacle as it comes up. Because every crisis presents itself differently, you’re using what you learned with previous challenges to deal with current and potential ones. This is helping you grow and become even more effective 

Here are some things we’ve learned while navigating through COVID-19 that can help you become a better leader.    

Show Empathy 

Make your team’s wellbeing your top priority. Begin each interaction by asking whether your employees are OK. Encourage open dialog about what’s truly going on in their lives. Stay emotionally available throughout the conversation. Showing you care about your staff creates a stronger, more cohesive, focused team equipped to handle any obstacles that come up.  

Frequently Communicate 

Be in touch with your team as much as possible. Share new information and developments as you receive them. Be clear and direct. Restate key messages in a different way and at different times. Ensure everyone receives and understands the information. Ask if anyone has questions.  

They more they know and understand, the more empowered they feel to make and act on their own decisions.  

Exhibit Calm 

In your role as team leader, demonstrate calm at all times. Maintain a balanced, realistic outlook about current events. Focus on positive emotions, such as happiness, so there’s no room for negative emotions, like anxiety. Celebrate good news and wins while acknowledging difficult decisions and adverse circumstances. Although there’s a substantial amount of uncertainty, and circumstances change throughout each day, staying calm encourages your team to follow suit. 

Decisively Act 

When you have to make quick decisions, allow yourself time to evaluate everything first. Although you won’t have all the necessary information, consider what you know. Reflect on your options and their potential impact. Then, make a decision and take action. Let your team know why you chose as you did and what to expect to happen next. As you move forward, adjust course when needed. 

Take Time for Yourself 

Set aside time each day to care for your own wellbeing. You cannot enhance your team’s wellbeing if you don’t maintain your own. Like others, you may be working from home along with a partner, children, pets, and other responsibilities. In addition to spending time with your family, take time to engage in a solitary activity. This may involve reading a book, working a crossword puzzle, listening to a podcast, or engaging in another activity.  

Support Critical Business Operations 

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