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When you need to find the right candidate to fill the vacancy on your team, time is of the essence. You want the most qualified applicant who can quickly start and get up to speed in a short amount of time. However, you need to take enough time to get to know the top candidateto determine their fit for the position before deciding which one should receive a job offer. Finding the best applicant requires you to be creative and challenging.  

Here are three unique ways to add a qualified member to your team. 

Provide a Soft Skills Assessment 

Ask candidates to complete an assessment of their soft skills. This provides an upfront, objective measure of their personal traits. Tools such as Koru or Pymetrics use neuroscience to assess teamwork, flexibility, tenacity, and other factors that predict job performance. You gain highly individualized applicant insight through 20-minute surveys and revealing mini-games. This quickly expands your reach and fills talent pools with candidates of diverse backgrounds and experiences.   

Conduct Video Interviews 

Interview candidates through video conferencing. You can have applicants record themselves answering basic questions when they have 15 minutes free. This is especially important for roles where communication and presentation are especially important, such as sales, account management, or business development. You can review dozens of videos in a few hours. Analyze candidates’ voices, verbal responses, and nonverbal cues to uncover their soft skills and capabilities. Or, use a platform such as Zoom to have a two-way interview with applicants. Assess their interactions with you to determine their skills, experience, and fit with company culture.   

Ask Nontraditional Interview Questions 

Make a list of unique questions to ask candidates. This encourages them to open up and provide insight into what makes them who they are. Knowing how self-aware an applicant is shows whether they’ll continue to adapt and grow beyond who they are. One question may be, “If you could be an animal, which one would you choose, and why?” This provides insight into whether a candidate is right for a role. For instance, someone interviewing for a sales role should respond that they’d be a predatory animal, like a lion or tiger. Or, someone interviewing for a social role should respond that they’d be a social animal, such as a penguin or elephant. The reasons behind the answers provide clues about the applicant’s level of self-awareness. Another question could be, “What are the first three things you do when you start your workday?” The answer shows whether the candidate is organized, how they set priorities, and what their work ethic is like. This provides insight into how the person processes tasks, handles responsibility and manages their time.   

Find Employees Through HW Staffing Solutions  

Partner with HW Staffing Solutions to find the employees you need when you need them. We have multiple verticals within our organization that can place you with vetted staff in a short amount of time. Talk with us today. 

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