As a manager, you’re responsible for the well-being of your team as they work toward company goals. This may make you feel that you should put your team’s personal and professional needs before your own. However, regularly focusing on your employees’ well-being while neglecting your own doesn’t help anyone long-term. Although things come up during the day and priorities shift, you need to take time for yourself to continue to give your best. If you start to neglect yourself, you may begin neglecting your team.    

Here are 4 reasons why you must maintain self-care to take care of your team.  

1. Keep Order 

Regularly checking in with yourself lets you keep things in order. Privately evaluate how things are going in your life, what’s changing, and how you’re adapting. Write down your latest accomplishments and challenges. Be honest about your stress level and reactions to events. Ensure you’re properly adjusting to everything. Be truthful about whether you could’ve handled a situation differently. Ask for help if you need it. You’re better equipped to help your team deal with stress, think flexibly, and solve problems. 

2. Build Connections   

Spending time with people you care about creates lasting bonds. Stronger social connections promote positivity and trust. Your happiness, health, and longevity increase. Ongoing emotional support provides validation, advice, and perspective to enhance your overall well-being. This helps you connect with team members on a personal and professional level. You’re better able to help them feel valued and respected, provide emotional support, and assist with solving problems. 

3. Manage Stress 

Maintaining your own mental health helps relieve stress. Eat healthy foods. Be fully present and aware in every moment. Meditate daily. These actions help manage emotions, thoughts, and reactions to prevent feeling overwhelmed. You’re better equipped to share your strategies with your team to stay motivated and encourage establishment of their own habits for managing stress. 

4. Increase Productivity 

Making your entire well-being a priority boosts your productivity. Take a walk or read a book to relax. Call a friend for support after a challenging day. Schedule screen-free time dailyGet enough high-quality sleep at night. Maintain physical, mental, and emotional health so you perform your best. These habits enhance your focus and concentration, leading to increased memory and more effective decision-making. Share your methods with teammates so they have an example to follow.    

Take Care of Your Hiring Needs 

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