Fall is one of the top hiring seasons. With summer vacations ending and staff returning to full force, recruitment picks up. Hiring managers want to fill vacancies before the holidays roll around and use up budgets before they run out. This is why there often are more job postings in Fall than at other times. If you start your search now, you could find a new role in a short amount of time. 

Increase your odds of finding a new job by using these strategies.  

1. Be Proactive 

Remember that the budgets for some roles may be included in the next fiscal year budget. This is especially true for newly created positions. Employers often begin searching early for qualified candidates. They want someone in place for when the funds become available to hire the employee. If you want to start a job the first of the year, begin looking in Fall. 

2. Customize Your Job Search  

Use online tools created to focus your job search. Apply filters to narrow your search by job function, experience level, industry, or company. Keywords such as “remote work” further define what you’re looking for to focus your results. Set up alerts so you’re notified when new jobs are posted. Apply right away to increase your odds of being called in for an interview.    

3. Use Social Media  

Include social media in your job search. Actively research, network, and look for opportunities. Follow the companies you want to work for. Get a sense of their hiring practices and timelines. Stay current on news announcements such as an expansion, new product line, capital funding, or other indication that a hiring boom may be coming. Reach out to an employee to learn more about the company and its hiring cycles. Be aware that during a talent shortage, vacancies may be quickly filled.  

4. Tailor Your Resume 

Craft your resume to match each role you apply for. Use keywords from the job posting to see which qualifications, skills, and experience are most in demand. Include your specific duties and accomplishments in line with what the hiring manager is seeking. Ensure your employment information is current and lines up with the manager’s needs.  

5. Partner with a Staffing Company 

Work with a recruiter from a staffing agency. They can introduce you to positions not advertised to the publicsignificantly decreasing your competition for an interview. A recruiter points out reasons why you’re most qualified for the role and how you can provide value for the employer. They also assist with job offer negotiations to increase the odds of getting what you want.  

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