What Have Leaders Learned About Working Through A Crisis?


Taking care of your people is at the heart of creating a great place to work. When you keep your team members a priority, they feel valued and appreciated. This results in greater engagement, productivity, and loyalty. As a result, more employees want to work for your company. As a manager, part of taking care of your team involves taking care of yourself. By maintaining your best possible health in all areas, you’re better equipped to provide opportunities and encouragement for your employees to do the same. 

How Can You Keep You and Your Team Strong?

Cultivate Relationships 

Building healthy relationships outside of work helps you relate to your team. Maintaining connections with family, friends, and community members nourishes your overall well-being. Having healthy ways to celebrate, vent, and gain support provides opportunities to do the same for others. Along with filling your emotional needs and boosting your immune system, you’re better equipped to cultivate personal and professional relationships with team members. 

Remain Open 

Staying curious is one way you maintain intellectual health. This keep you open and adaptable to different ways of thinking. Maintaining openness to diverse perspectives and ways of looking at things aids in better decision making. This includes encouraging team input during meetings. 

Promote Positivity 

Focusing on emotional health lets you model positivity. Although much of your work involves handling problems, maintaining a positive outlook provides a much more productive environment for your team to work in. Cultivating a culture of positive emotions attracts and retains employees who want to perform their best. 

Stay Alert 

One way to maintain physical health and stay alert is by getting an appropriate amount of sleep. The proper amount of sleep is necessary to ensure your physical health and alertness throughout the workday. This helps you guide your team. 

Focus on Meaningful Work 

Monitoring your vocational health means the work you perform is meaningful. Participating in activities that are important to you lets you fulfill your purpose. This fits with your strengths and weaknesses and makes you want to work harder. You’re better able to fit team members’ responsibilities with their strengths to encourage their best performance.  

Live Your Values and Purpose 

Emphasizing your spiritual health means living your values and purpose through the work you do. Aligning your employment with things that matter to you lets you fulfill your purpose each day. This helps you guide your employees to align their values and purpose with what they do for a living. Your team is happier and more productive when they love what they do. 

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