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A strength may be defined as something a person is or could be good at, that energizes them when they do it, and benefits something beyond themselves. As a manager, knowing your team members’ strengths is important for unlocking their potential. This information lets you make wiser decisions about assignments, performance reviews, and employee success. Applying your team’s strengths is one key to benefitting the team and moving the company forward.

Follow these guidelines to uncover and implement your team members’ strengths.

Talk with Your Teammates

Have conversations with your team about their abilities and passions. This provides insight into what they feel their strengths are. Finding out what your team members view as their best traits shows you value their input and want to maximize their abilities. Your employees will enjoy using their talents to benefit the organization.

Observe Your Team Members

Focus on how each teammate typically behaves at work. Watch how they interact in meetings, collaborate on projects, and give presentations. This gives you an idea of the kinds of roles to assign each member so they perform their best. Jot down notes about what you see each day. Look for patterns in employee actions. If one is normally in a good mood and outgoing, they probably would be good at diffusing team tension, finding a partner for a challenging employee, or getting others excited over a new initiative.

Focus on Teammates’ Experience

Learn all you can about your team members’ work experience. Whether with your company or another one, see which areas they excelled in. Determine when your teammates enjoyed the most success and which skills they used to finish projects. Use this information to find similar ways your team can excel.

Create Friendly Competition

Engage your team in contests to see who excels in certain areas. This can be done to draw out general or specific strengths. If you want to determine who should lead a project, hold a contest to see who has the sharpest skills and who lags behind. This encourages teamwork while boosting productivity. When employees are put in roles they enjoy, they maintain stronger engagement, contribute more, and move the team forward. Reaching company goals provides additional long-term benefits to the organization.

Hire Skilled Employees

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