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Expressing gratitude in the workplace is a critical part of business success. Fostering a sense of meaning at work satisfies the need to feel a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. As a manager, showing your team appreciation, value, and respect empowers them to reach their full potential. Recognizing their efforts increases energy, engagement, and morale. All of these directly influence performance, productivity, and retention, improving business outcomes.

Discover four ways demonstrating gratitude for your team benefits your company.

Strengthened Employer-Employee Connections

Expressing gratitude for your team increases the bonds between you and them. Showing gratitude makes you vulnerable and authentic. Telling teammates how their contributions had a positive impact on you puts them in an appreciative state of mind, increasing their productivity by an average of 10%. Your additional team accomplishments lead to greater business success.

Healthier Team Members

Sharing gratitude for your team increases their overall health. Because your teammates know you appreciate their hard work and results, they feel safe, valued, and respected. Your team members want to come to work to feel the energy you and others exude as they produce. These positive feelings contribute to less stress, lower blood pressure, and improved sleep for your team. The feelings also lower the risk of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Feelings of importance that come from expressing gratitude lead to fewer sick days, lower health insurance costs, and less employee burnout. The more time your team spends engaged in their work, the greater the bottom line.

Increased Performance

Showing gratitude for your team significantly impacts their performance. The more you thank them for their efforts, the happier you and your teammates are with their work. Giving and receiving ongoing praise creates a cycle that primes the brain for higher performance. The more you praise, the more success you create. The more successes there are, the more you have to praise. These findings were reinforced in the 2019 Global Happiness Council report that included a case study about how LinkedIn’s social recognition program impacted employee performance and retention. The more employees received praise, the more they gave praise to others. The report also showed correlations between employee recognition, increased retention rates, and higher year-over-year performance ratings.

Enhanced Business Strategy

Demonstrating gratitude for your team enhances your business strategy. In addition to lean operations and focus on the bottom line, practicing gratitude as part of team culture encourages the practice to become part of company culture. This increases cohesion for individual teams and, ultimately, the entire organization. Employee morale remains high. Top talent wants to work for you. Clients feel encouraged to return. Business partners stay attracted to your company. These factors contribute to your company’s ongoing success.

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